Bathroom mirrors

Are you planning to renovate your home?:

Looking at doing the bathroom first?

That’s a great Idea!. Renovating your bathroom will provide a new lease of life in your home.

There are plenty of things to think about and getting your head around it is important. Start with a list.

One thing not to overlook is the bathroom mirror. Adding the mirror will make the world of difference to how the finished renovation will look and feel. The mirror is one of those additional components that can make your bathroom look so much bigger.

Choosing the right size, style and color is important.

Mirrors can add that special touch to make you restroom look average or classy.

Plenty of styles to choose from and don’t forget to ask our professional consultant when you book them in for your free quote. here are a few:

  • Plane mirrors
  • Spherical mirrors
  • 1 or 2 way mirrors
  • Silvered mirrors
  • Acoustic mirrors
  • Non reversing mirrors
  • Customized mirrors

Different shapes and sizes as well. What shape do you want?

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Rectangular
  • Illuminated mirrors
  • Designer Mirrors. A shaped mirror that you have specifically made.
  • Double round mirrors

The size is important also. You may only have a small bathroom and carefully planning this restyling needs to take the light and mirrors into consideration

Having the right kind of reflections  with the right lighting will make a world of difference. Each person in the home uses the bathroom to prepare themselves for the day and a properly designed bathroom with the right mirrors is important.

Make sure your mirror choice matches other components like vanity’s and cabinets.

We supply the best  Mirrors in Brisbane.

Check out some of the mirrors on our gallery page here

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