200mm Round Rain Shower Head – Chrome



This 200mm Round Rain Shower Head in brilliant polished chrome is an impressive bathroom fitting that produces a uniform rain pattern. With its round decor disc, this rain shower head from Della Francesca will integrate perfectly into a wide range of bathroom furnishing styles. This product can take up to 3 business days to despatch. Minimalist Round Rain Shower Head The Round Rain Shower Head offers the right solution for every kind of bathroom: high-quality materials, efficient workmanship and full compliance. The 12mm-thick round disc produces a magically uniform rain pattern and guarantees water at a higher pressure and flow rate than any other shower head—so relaxing and soothing that you’ll be fascinated while showering, too. It’s made of stainless steel and gleaming polished chrome finish so you know you’re buying quality. Pair this Round Rain Shower Head from Della Francesca with a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted shower arm, and accentuate your personal style of home aesthetics. Key Features FUNCTIONAL WONDER – It’s an impressive combination of stunning minimalist design and quality workmanship LUXURIOUS SHOWERING – Its 12mm-thick and 200m-wide round disc provides a uniform rain pattern—you’ll have a perfect excuse to spend more relaxing time in the shower IDEAL MATCH – Optimally suited for a wide range of luxury bathroom fittings EFFICIENT AND DURABLE – Built with ABS body construction shower head and stainless steel outer shell with high gloss polished chrome finish, making it long-lasting and easy to care for COMPLIANT – Fully compliant with Australian Watermark and WELS standards and requirements for your peace of mind Specifications Diameter: 200mm Depth of Head: 12mm Depth from Head to Nozzle: 62mm Connection: 1/2 inch female thread Composition: Stainless Steel Finish: Polished Chrome Warranty: 1 Year

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