DIY Outdoor Polycarbonate Awning Cover – 1.0m Projection



This DIY Outdoor Awning Cover is a practical addition to your home exterior. Aside from the shade it is giving off, this fixed awning cover is the most practical choice for home sunshades with its affordable price and low maintenance features. Its polycarbonate material is guaranteed durable and long lasting. Choose from our 2.0m and 3.0m variants and install one in your home today. Get an awning today! Installing awnings at home can both be functional and decorative. For some, these canopies are installed to bring accent to their windows, doorways and patios. Others are using them for the purpose of extending their outdoor areas and for protection against extreme weather conditions. For the latter, you must always choose an awning that would guarantee you durability and stability. The fixed DIY outdoor awning is made from premium polycarbonate material, ensuring its durability and stability for longer usage. Polycarbonate awnings is the most recommended type since these come at an affordable cost. Polycarbonate is a popular translucent awning or outdoor space cover as it has the following general features: – High impact resistance (important for hail) – 99.9% UV protection – 20% reduction in light transfer – 40% reduction in heat transfer Do-it-yourself awning kit: all parts and accessories you need are included Specifically designed to resist weathering and rusting for additional protection on your doorway or windows Fixed installation means more stability Detailed instruction manual included Install multiple awnings for wider coverage – compatible with other DIY Bariloche awnings Specifications:   1m x 2m Outdoor Awning 1m x 3m Outdoor Awning Composition 6mm Polycarbonate Cover 6mm Polycarbonate Cover Length 2 metres 3 metres Width 1 metre 1 metre Resistance Weather and Rust resistant   Weather and Rust resistant Warranty   1 year 1 year

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