Full Cassette Retractable Motorised Awning – 5.0m Wide x 3.0m Projection – Grey


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This retractable motorised awning has a premium waterproof canvas and is secured with a full cassette made from aluminum alloy. Two heavy-duty aluminum brackets also support the UV-resistant awning when extended to ensure durability when faced with strong winds. This retractable sunshade can be easily operated by remote control. Motorised awnings extend your outdoor space Installing awnings at home can both be functional and decorative. For some, these canopies are installed to bring accent to their windows, doorways and patios. Others are using them for the purpose of extending their outdoor areas and for protection against extreme weather conditions. For the latter, you must always choose an awning that would guarantee you durability and stability. The convenience of a full cassette motorized awning A full-cassette motorised awning is perfect for homes within areas that are usually distressed by strong winds and raging storms. The aluminum alloy cassette will secure the awning fabric into the casing when retracted and will repel any kind of damaging agents that may cause moulds and rust on the awnings. It would also give a neat look on your walls and would barely look like an outdoor sunshade at first glance. How will motorised awnings benefit you? We all know that these motorised retractable awnings cost almost twice as the fixed ones. However, these motorised awnings can still help you save up in the long run. Here are a few considerations you should look at before turning these remote-controlled sunshades down. Protects your indoor and outdoor furnishings Lets you comfortably stay outdoors which leads to less air conditioner use Less exposure to severe winds which may cause damage Customisable angle upon installation Full cassette device for maximum awning protection Waterproof, shade cloth in versatile Grey colour, to block out 98% of harmful UV rays and reduce sunlight glare Premium grade aluminum used for the alloy case, sturdy frame, and heavy-duty brackets Effortless operation of the fully retractable automated awning system with an electric tubular motor and spring load mechanism Extension and retraction can be easily controlled by remote Pitch angle can be adjusted 5 to 35 degrees, according to your demand Comes with 2x Remote Controls


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