Top Three Great Bathroom Renovation Ideas

So, you know you want a new bathroom, but how do you want it to look? A new bathroom should be an appealing, functional, airy space that induces calm and a sense of order. For these reasons you want to get your bathroom renovation right. Plus, one of the most significant rooms when it comes to selling your house. And the appearance and feel of your bathroom will be important because you spend so much time in it.

1. Think outside the box

When renovating your bathroom. No we aren’t talking about tracking down all the crazy bathroom trends and incorporating them into a design for you, rather we suggest you think out of the box when doing an up-grated or down-grated bathroom renovation. Explore different bathroom renovation ideas online, talk to interior designers. Know what your options are and don’t limit yourself.

2.Opt for Skylights

If you’re starting a bathroom renovation, or are looking for bathroom renovation ideas –or even just want to paint the walls better- think about installing a skylight. This is not only a boon when you’re putting on makeup it can also make the space feel larger and more welcoming without changing any other design features. Think about installing an automated skylight which uses sensors to open and close depending on the weather. This type of skylight means you’re getting fresh air streaming almost constantly into your bathroom, reducing the likelihood of mould build-up.

3.Embrace Bold Splashes of Color

When planning a bathroom renovation, one of the first things you need to decide on is your color scheme. While it’s easy and low-risk to opt for white, don’t let that stop you from considering more vibrant color schemes. Once upon a time, basins were mainly limited to porcelain, but now you can get gorgeous vividly hued concrete basins, or stone basins reflecting the beautiful range of natural colors found in stone. The broadening of the color palette through the use of new materials is a trend that can be found across other fixtures too. While you might be justifiably worried that, for instance, a totally green-tiled bathroom might date (and it might), small amounts of color when used in aesthetically pleasing ways are far less likely to (e.g., freshening up an old space with an accent wall or two). Think about installing a vivid tile combination in perhaps just one section of the bathroom (e.g., behind or beneath a bath or shower), or opt for statement color fixtures: does your tub need replacing? If so consider something like this bright red tub, which will certainly draw some attention and make your bathroom feel like the center of attention!

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